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Audits, Benchmarking & Assurance

We offer a wide range of graph technology audits, research and analyses to suit each client’s needs. This is the starting point for the majority of our graph database customers as it gives a baseline from where we can build and develop an effective strategy, improve performance or communicate success.

This data and learning means we can benchmark our clients’ software and programmes versus competitors or other best in class solutions. We can determine the opportunities and risks that software development offers the client. We also run established benchmark and auditing frameworks and practices such as the Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC)’s Social Network Benchmark (SNB) audit, carrying out the first benchmark audit under this particular test in 2020.

  • Graph technology research
  • Graph software benchmarking
  • Graph database scaleability
  • Graph technology consultancy

Temporal Graph Analytics

Graphs identify the foundation of networks through their connections. Organisations are able to use these models to develop insights and make valuable predictions as to the journey of information, the influence of certain entities and the resilience of human-centred dynamics. Understanding complex networks empowers organisations to safeguard against vulnerabilities and to identify potential breakthroughs.


Distributed Technical Architecture

We design architecture for enterprise-level efficient data analytics. This is boiled down to building a framework for capturing, sorting and analysing big data for the purpose of developing new insights.

With Chorograph’s specialist capability in the analysis and graphing of dynamic data, we design solutions with capability for real-time analytics. We make all the considerations for an infrastructure and solution that is designed to scale so we can ensure a practical offering is in place that is tailored for your organisation. Our professionals account for security with a system for governance around the supply and access of enterprise data.


Data Engineering

Many organisations overlook how they ingest, process and store data. Significant insights are being overlooked due to outdated organisational culture, digital capabilities and IT strategy. We work closely with organisations to understand how they obtain their competitive advantage and we uncover hidden insights that allow them to take their resources to the next level. Our big data specialists are able to provide state of the art cloud ready solutions tailor made for high performing organisations.


Research and Development

With deeply rooted university connections, Chorograph aims to partner with organisations to offer a pan-academia view of digital innovation and disruptive projects, catering to knowledge gaps where present.

Our flagship technology empowers the analytical capability of many innovatory projects, allowing Chorograph’s plug and play development methodology to be synergistic with game-changing deep-tech programmes.