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About Chorograph

We bring specialist hands-on experience backed by leading research to enable data-driven digital transformation.

Using the latest technology and collaborative delivery methods, we help you to stay at the forefront of digital capability, delivering practical and tailored solutions across cloud and data.

We empower enterprises that embark on digital transformations with Cloud, Data & AI Strategy and Enterprise Agility.

Research Papers
Years of Experience

Our Vision

Develop the best-in-class distributed graph processing systems through collaborating with industry partners to consult, research and develop solutions that are transformative in nature.

Why Chorograph?

Practical and Cost Effective

Chorograph works closely with their partners to obtain a thorough understanding of their requirements. We then recommend and deliver a market leading digital strategy that maximises capability across data analytics and cloud computing performance.

Research Backed

Chorographs digital delivery teams work hand in hand with leading academic researchers to innovate enterprise capability. Our leading research partners specialise in disruptive technology, which we then deliver to our clients.

Scaleable and Adaptable

Chorographs specialist experience allows for tailor made solutions that are flexible and adaptable with ease. We offer future-proof digital transformation so you don’t have to worry about the changes of tomorrow. We put you at the forefront of digital capability with human-friendly automation where possible.

Core Values


We are transparent, honest and work with integrity. We only put our brand name on work we’re proud of.


We’re proactive in our specialist fields, we teach, we ask and we collaborate. We remain at the forefront of digital change and enterprise strategy.


We understand our partners and aim to contribute at every turn.  We learn, adapt and tailor our solution to deliver unrealised benefits, offering cost savings where possible.

Industry Recognition

Our specialist consultancy and research work has not gone unnoticed in the industry. We are currently enrolled and in discussions to deliver some of the most disruptive technology available across AI, Machine Learning and High Performance Computing.

Enrolled in

ConceptionX – Cohort III

Recognised Research

Our academic papers have been recognised across by subject matter experts in Big Data.


Chorograph currently sit on the board of the Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC)                 

Meet the Team

Alhamza Alnaimi

Alhamza is a Technical Lead that has worked with high profile clients in the financial services sector to head up and deliver a number of complex projects and digital transformations. With a background in SRE, Data Sciences and Research, Alhamza leverages analytical thinking to deliver cost efficient outcomes.

Ben Steer

Ben is a doctoral researcher and academic lecturer with a specialist focus on Big Data and Distributed Systems. His flagship research into “Streaming analysis of distributed temporal graphs” has resulted in the development of large-scale stream processing solutions for temporal graph analytics. His secondary focus is on the empowerment of next generation graph capabilities, through benchmarking and advising as a member of the LDBC SNB Taskforce.

James Alford

While implementing and migrating large scale platforms for a range of companies in multiple industries, James has performed many roles including DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering, Architecture Design and Infrastructure Support and while doing so has been able to get a well rounded knowledge of delivery and support of enterprise solutions

Haaroon Yousaf

Haaroon is a doctoral researcher at University College London that specialises in cryptoasset analytics and blockchain. He is an accomplished professional who has published and presented his research at prestigious conferences globally. He previously studied Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London and University of Cambridge.

Shadi Abu-Shams

As a strategic minded professional, Shadi empowers customers by proposing dynamic, human-centred solutions that scale with technological innovation. Having worked with many reputable clients, Shadi understands the importance of organisational culture in the delivery of business strategy. Building a culture of trust, Shadi encourages creativity and authenticity to disrupt the norm.

Richard Clegg

Dr. Clegg is a lecturer at Queen Mary University of London and an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at University College London. His PhD is in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of York and the title of his dissertation is “The Statistics of Dynamic Networks.” His research interests are centered on the study of networks but in a very broad sense, having studied, for example, road transport networks, computer networks, social networks, authorship networks amongst others.