Distributed Temporal Graph Analytics

Backed by leading research, we surface hidden insights in data through digital transformations and graphs.



What We Do

Temporal Graph Analytics

Run time-varying analytics on dynamic graphs to capture how relationships within your network evolve over time.

Distributed Architecture

Ensure your digital transformations are scaleable and cost efficient using distributed architecture.

Data Engineering

Build data pipelines and ensure your organisation is capturing meaningful information in appropriate data warehouses to develop a competitive advantage.

Research and Development

Acquire industry and academic-level expertise in deep technology innovation areas with reliable and streamlined solutions

About Chorograph

As the subject matter experts on temporal graph analytics, we are a multidisciplinary team consisting of leading researchers and commercial professionals. We have a shared vision on empowering organisations to surface hidden insights in their data using graphs. We work with organisations to digitally transform their cloud capabilities and processes to maximise their ability to produce business intelligence. Backed by scientific research, we’re spearheading the creation of future analytical tooling, backed by state of the art Cloud expertise.

At Chorograph we focus on what we do best – work on deep technology solutions that add new generational capability for high performing organisations. We work closely with our clients to understand their critical data points and develop solutions around them.

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At Chorograph, we are keen to hear from strategic partners or organisations that are looking to transform their current business intelligence capabilities. In the emerging world of IoT and Big Data, data is a key asset for businesses – are you making the most of yours?

Your Innovation Partner for Business Intelligence, supporting digital transformations and understanding/analysing data, providing specialist support in Graph Analytics and Distributed Computing.
  • Decision Intelligence
  • Enterprise Data Strategy
  • Temporal Graph Analytics
  • Distributed Systems

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