Enterprise DevOps
Temporal Graph Analytics
Distributed Architecture & Computing

Backed by leading research, we deliver specialist graph analytics and digital transformation solutions.

About Chorograph

As a mix of academic and commercial professionals, we’re a team that has a shared vision on making digital innovation a reality. Backed by scientific research, we’re spearheading the creation of future data analytical tooling, supported by DevOps methodology for seamless delivery and integration.

At Chorograph we focus on what we do best – work on the solutions. This core philosophy is embedded in the work we do with our partners in the process of delivering solutions that make a difference.

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We’re keen to hear from collaborative partners that are looking to transform their intelligence capabilities in the emerging world of IoT and Big Data. Data is a key asset for businesses – are you making the most of yours?

Your Innovation Partner for digital transformations and understanding/analysing data, providing specialist support in Enterprise DevOps, Graph Analytics and Distributed Computing.
  • Cloud Native Transformation
  • Enterprise DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering
  • Decision Intelligence
  • Enterprise Data Strategy
  • Temporal Graph Analytics
  • Distributed Systems

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